Here you will find some useful links to other places in the web, where I have found articles or pages about Rainbow.

  • The official Twitter!
  • The wiki page!
  • Where to find Rainbow toys on Ebay!
  • Rainbow on Amazon!
  • The IMDb page (7.2 stars out of 10!!)
  • Rainbow on TvTropes (Team Dad=Geoffrey)
  • A nice page about Rainbow from the site Classic Kids TV
  • Zippy on Wikiwand
  • "20 Great TV Shows For Young Children (Rainbow is no. 6!)
  • A good article on Rainbow by Mike Fenton
  • A decently funny article by the Mirror pointing out strange things which were on the show.
  • Article on denofgeek
  • A funny website

    Some good youtube channels from where I watch episodes.

    Rainbow TV Show




    Just so you know, the last three also contain other tv shows, but a good amount of Rainbow episodes.