Captains Log

The time on this page is in UK time!

23/4/17 10:50pm
Created the site! Still needs content. Added base for links, fun stuff, fanart, and info pages.

24/4/17 9:21pm
Added some pictures to fanart section. Need to create submit page. Ask page working. Very tired!! :O [UPDATE, 11:31pm] added graphics section, needs to be hooked up to the fun stuff page, also the selection of graphics is lackluster. Also added music page. This also needs to be linked to the fun page, needs bg added and back button added. Also needs more songs. *sigh*

25/4/17 10:22am
Connected Graphics and Music pages to Fun Stuff page. Also added title and graphics to fun stuff page. Added back button on graphics and music pages. Music page now has bg. This was a little tedious. Mainly just collecting stuff to do now! :D [UPDATE 10:45am] Added scrollover titles to images in fanart section. Wrote a little thing about it at the top of the page so people know they're there. [UPDATE 1:40pm] Added more graphics to graphics page and more links to links page. I sound like a bloody parrot.

26/4/17 10:47am
Made a little gif thing and added that to the graphics page. Pretty proud of it, oho. THE INTERNET IS SLOW!!! Also, still can't get the bloody submit page to work. HAHHH [UPDATE 11:01am] GOT IT!!! The submit page is working. I am now adding the bg and the text and all that, should be done with that soon. Have to link it to the main page.[UPDATE 11:16am]That is done! Also linked it to the fanart, music, links and graphics pages.

27/4/17 8:54 am
Added a view counter for a laugh. More graphics on graphics page, also some on main page, in order to look snazzier. Also added unique visitor counter because the view counter counts me, fair enough.[UPDATE 1:24pm] I have added a character list page, linked it to the main page, and linked each picture to the correct character page, but the character pages themselves are not finished, or even started, really. Sob. [UPDATE 2:08pm] Partially added stuff to the George page and the Music page. [UPDATE 7:05pm] Semi-finished George page, started Zippy page, added a new song to music section, linked jokes page to fun page. [11:18pm]Added Sunshine and Moony to other characters page and partially done Bungle's page.

28/4/17 10:00am
Added stuff to Bungle page, going to start Geoffrey page now! [UPDATE 1:40pm] Partially done Geoffrey page, added more songs to music page and finished off the bullet points on the info page. Added example of Zippy getting his mouth zipped up onto his character page.[UPDATE 9:28pm] Created guestbook (yet to see if it works), linked it up to the main page, and added some drawing I did of George that ended up looking kind of like a pinup but I couldn't be bothered to redraw. Was going to create some more graphics, but too busy eating chocolate. [UPDATE 10:23pm] Removed guestbook. :(

29/4/17 11:12pm
Didn't feel like doing much so I just added lyrics to the songs in the music section. Had to listen through and copy the lyrics as I heard them, apologies if they're wrong. Also sort of started Rod, Jane and Freddy page, but barely. [UPDATE 11:20pm] Noticed that the jokes page only had a link back to the homepage, and not the funpage, so I added that. Added stuff to graphics page![UPDATE 12:48pm] Added little George favicon to all pages!

30/4/17 10:19am Going to lunch with grandparents, no updates for now![UPDATE 8:50pm] Added e-mail button because I'm a lonely soul. Did the graphic myself! And the little drawing on the email page itself. [UPDATE 8:57pm] Was attempting to code but the text kept getting garbled, realised I was listening to Billy Joel and the Beegees at the same time, and that it was probably fast-tracking me on the route to dementia.

1/5/17 9:07pm
Pretty much did nothing today, but Milly got messy and needed a bath, and I had history homework. Boo. Added a graphic to the graphics page. I gotta shower.

2/4/17 10:01am
Added graphic to mainpage, and added a graphic (that I made :D) to the graphics page. Tumblr is asking me if I want to submit my code as a theme to their theme section. They do not want me to do that. [UPDATE 2:37pm Added short and simple style to each page, to keep things tidy. Not many edits because I'm learning to code tumblr themes.

5/5/17 11:24am
Backed up all my html, as a just in case. I'm thinking of moving the blog, but for now it's staying on this account. [UPDATE 11:45am] Replaced one of the pictures on the other characters page, as the old one had gone funny. ALSO, actually added text and back buttons to RJF page! The text is nicked from wikipedia, but whatever. I'll probably get around to writing my own bit at some point during summer holidays.

6/5/17 5:23pm
Added header to main page. Everything is so badly coded it's a headache to go through. I would recode it but I can't be bothered. I use CSS and that body-bgcolor nonsense in the same code, r.i.p me. Edited the code to be a little more workable.

7/5/17 10:47pm
Added a little fanart to the fanart section. Been busy recently slowly cutting myself from social media (I won't explain why), also studying. Year 12 A-levels nearly over! Scary! [UPDATE 11:08pm] Decided to add article bgs to other characters, music and george pages for ease of reading and all that. I keep forgetting border radius.

8/5/17 8:50am
Added a to do list, linked that up to the front page. Did a few little edits here and there.[UPDATE 9:00am] Removed "back to fun" link from the to do list, because that's not meant to be there. [UPDATE 9:10am] Added some links to the link page. [UPDATE 11:58am]Changed the info page's design a little bit as a test, looks alright.

Tried to make a wordpress site. It's confusing. I'll have to ask my dad about this. This site is staying on tumblr. [UPDATE 11:34am] Added alts to some of the images and scroll-over text to some of the links. [UPDATE 11:56pm] Updated about page (never going to be happy with that.) Also, been changing the body width in the CSS to max width, because it looks better. Apparently I've had 17 unique visitors (including me) but somehow I doubt they were actual people. [UPDATE 8:19pm] created/added/replaced some graphics on main page. Slowly fazing out the graphics which aren't mine!

11/5/17 11:40am
Changed up the graphics page so it looks more organized. Slowly making the whole thing look a little more professional. A little bit.. [UPDATE 11:56] Changed title fonts, font color and added some rainbow text to the front page! Linked my personal page in my about.

15/5/17 12:36pm
Added more guff to the front page.

22/5/17 10:26pm
Changed the layout of the front page a bit because I literally only just learnt how to do that. I am dumb. I also have an exam tomorrow. Added a graphic to the graphics page. Progress is slow-going. :( The Bungle page is still the worst page I have ever done. [UPDATE 3:37pm] Discovered neocities, looks pretty cool. Need to get to grips with having a seperate html and css document.

24/5/17 2:00pm
Moved the site to neocities! I'm liking it so far. Tidied stuff up.

19/06/17 9:50am
Moved it back to tumblr because apparently when it is on neocities I do not touch it at all. The front page has changed drastically and personally I think it looks more professional. Just have to make sure the links all work. I still use neocities because it is neat and my personal site has been moved there! :D

27/06/17 13:34
Fixed some broken links, and reimplemented the ask page. My head hurts because I didn't sleep last night. I can't do anymore now. :(

19/10/17 3:27pm
It's been a while! Moved back to Neocities! It's grown on me, I must admit. Fiddled around with wording on some pages, fixed links, and changed how the whole thing looks! I used frames, because I love frames! When frames eventually stop working I'll have to redo this, but until then I think it's the best way to set things up! Removed videos page until further notice.

09/11/2017 10:23am
Used webkit to remove scrollbars to keep things tidier. They're probably still visible to some people but it works both on my computer at home (using windows 10) and the school PCs (which still use windows 7) and I don't know anyone who uses linux or OS so they'll just have to cope. I'm still fixing the nonsense I put into the code when I first started. It's a mess. :(

08/01/2018 11:27am
Happy new year! I've added the 'About Webmaster' and 'E-Mail' pages finally, and will draw some fanart when I get home. I've also added a button so that people can put them on their sites if they want to. I've missed working on the site but I've been very busy recently. I have exams next week so radio silence will continue for a while yet. Sorry!

27/02/2018 11:12am
Life is busy but I've got some ideas for the site. I've replaced the font with a webfont, which I think looks quite nice! I got the code from Vampire-Club so thank you! I'm also in the midst of re-doing the front page. It currently looks very bland but to give you an idea of what I have in mind, the background is most likely going to be the original colour it was back when I first started on Tumblr almost a year ago now! I'm looking forward to finishing it. Thinking of getting rid of the frames for good.