Welcome to my Rainbow fanpage!

The place to find fun stuff about the classic kids show RAINBOW!!

Rainbow is one of the best kids shows, because it combines important lessons, memorable characters, sweet aesthetics and catchy songs

On here I will try to keep up to date with pages and videos for you to view that are about RAINBOW. There will also be a few full episodes from my collection, as a safety measure if the sites hosting the episodes go down or the videos are removed. Make sure you bookmark us!:D

(BTW, thankyou very muchly Neocities community for 2000 views! It's very appreciated and I'm glad people are looking at my site!)

THIS PAGE IS OPTIMIZED FOR NETSCAPE 2.0! Haha, that's a joke, this page is not optimized for anything because I am terrible at coding. Also no one uses Netscape anymore.

To check for new updates, feel free to check the captain's log, which is my sort of diary for the site!

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