Sunshine and Moony

These two characters appeared only in the early episodes of Rainbow in the 70s, and were eventually replaced by other characters. Sunshine would suggest ideas, and Moony, rather glumly, would either say it was a bad idea or say why he'd be no good at it.
Their appearances in the show had a surreal quality, as they had blank, unmoving eyes and pale grey background. The scenes were silent except for their calm and rather quiet voices.
Sunshine used the word "Fuzzlegurks" at least once and that is more than enough reason to appreciate them. Their calmness probably made them seem boring compared to the more outgoing and loud Zippy, whom was also in the original version of the show. Sunshine was also mean, and not in a charming way like Zippy usually is. He also sounded kind of posh, a bit full of himself, and camp. Check them out in this video below.


A six-piece band that wrote and preformed songs for Rainbow before the appearance of Rod, Jane and Freddy. They were pretty funky. They also created the theme tune! Check out that in full with lyrics on the music page! Also, here's another song from them!